Beautiful, bespoke furniture

Nakhai Furniture has over 20 years’ design experience working with wood, and a team of highly skilled craftsmen in our factory.  Call us now and we’ll transform your vision into high quality, handcrafted furniture.

Need inspiration?  Visit our website for some ideas…

Small sideboard from Nakhai FurnitureStage 1: the brief

We come to you to listen to your ideas.  We’ll measure available space and look at styles you like.  We’ll even hand draw some ideas for you while we’re there.

Stage 2: the design

We’ll design your furniture, taking into account all your ideas, and email the design to you in picture format.  You’ll be able to zoom in to see certain features and be able to measure your remaining space.  We’ll also present you with working plans.  If you’ve chosen the wood and the kind of finish you want, you’ll be able to see this on the plan.

Stage 3: manufactureNakhai Furniture source wood from sustainable forests

Once you’ve agreed the design, we’ll get on with making it for you in our factory with wood sourced from sustainable forests.  There may be several steps involved in production, especially if you want a painted or lacquered finish.

Stage 4: delivery

A few weeks later, we’ll deliver your furniture to you, and install it if you wish.  Then it’s yours to enjoy for many years to come.